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Eastman Renewable Materials Acquires TetraVitae Bioscience

Columbia, SC, November 10, 2011 – Last week, Eastman Renewable Materials, LLC a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company quietly announced acquisition of TetraVitae Biosciences, Inc and its assets.  TetraVitae is a developer of biobutanol and bioacetone.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. 

“We at see this acquisition as validation of industrial biotechnology and biobutanol.  Eastman Chemical Company is a leading producer of n-butanol from petroleum and by purchasing TetraVitae Biosciences’ technology add a sustainable biobased production route for n-butanol,” said Sam Bhargava, publisher of website.  “I am confident that Eastman will be able to commercialize TetraVitae’s technology at a faster pace and can further gain advantages in production of other biobased products” 

Biobutanol finds applications as 2nd generation biofuel and industrially important chemical used in production and processing of plastics to pharmaceuticals. 


" helped me learn about this exciting biobased solvent. I look forward to formulating with it."

- Leonard Shine, USA -